M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex


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Introductory exposition is arranged in the cappella-like gala entrance hall. Visual display is put in the center of the exposition. The place offers original arms interpretation which is opposed to militarists. History of arms workmanship is represented as achievement of the world's engineering science, whereas outstanding arms designers are ranked with the greatest inventors. Weapon is presented here on the back of the persistent values it is intended to protect: motherland, home, family.

The exhibits range involves samples of small arms manufactured at Izhevsk arms plants during 200 years: from a smooth-bore firelock and up to Kalashnikov and Nikonov guns.

Permanent Exposition named “A Man’s Destiny”

is focused on M.T. Kalashnikov’s biography and depicts main stages of his life. The exposition can be divided into tree sections: “Life”, “Creation”, and “Glory”. The first section reconstructs surroundings that affected the designer’s character, formed his personality, and gave experience including war.

The “Creation” section displays the history of the gun development which is considered not as the world-recognized war attribute, but as a legend symbolizing the gift of M.T. Kalashnikov as a designer and expertise of many other Izhevsk gun-makers. This part of the exposition incorporates all unified arms designed by Kalashnikov. The "Glory” section presents new life stage of the designer and his name which no longer was just a man’s name but a famous brand name as well.

The collection includes unique exhibits: family correspondence, personal belongings, awards and inventions of the remarkable arms designer. Sites “Peasant house”, “Hospital in Yelts”, “Shooting site”, “Design bureau”, and “Experimental workshop” have been reconstructed by memories and represent the spirit of time and place where the events took place. Plasma panels show interviews with M.T. Kalashnikov telling about the story of his life, his time and personality.


Youth, war

Firing ground

Production AK

Glory hall